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Radiation Detectors Set PM1403

Radiation Detectors Set PM1403

Mô tả ngắn:Multifunctional, networked mobile monitor for measuring all types of ionizing radiation and spectrum collection of gamma emitting sources. The device is equipped with a built-in CsI(TI) detector for detection and location of gamma radiation sources and reliable identification of radioisotopes. In addition, the device has five external interchangeable modules for detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation. The device provides fast and reliable identification of radioisotopes and can transmit measured radiological data and geographic coordinates to the Remote Expert Center of the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network system (Polimaster NPNET™) via buit-in GSM/GPRS modules.

Chi tiết:

This highly versatile handheld radiation monitor combines features of Personal Radiation Detector, Dosimeter/radiometer and radionuclide identifier with fast and reliable identification of radioisotopes that does not require connection to an external device (pocket PC/laptop/IPaq, etc.) for radiological data processing and analysis.

The Personal Radiation Detector /Dosimeter allows radionuclide identification, despite the weakening and scattering effect of shields, containers or other forms of physical protection of radiation sources. The results are shown on a bright, easily read color LCD display. 

The device combines the functionality of a dosimeter with that of a radiometer, offering spectroscopic radionuclide identification and wireless integration with radiation portal monitors РМ5000А, PM5000B, (which are designed for installation at customs, in airports and border checkpoints to prevent the illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials). 

The instrument’s functionality includes wireless integration into the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network (Polimaster NPNET™). Radiological data and geographic coordinates are transferred to the Remote Expert Center via built-in GSM /GPRS modules, allowing to generate a unified report of the investigated radiation incident. This provides a complete solution for various tasks of radiation safety and control.

PM1403 has various configurations, depending on the user needs. Processing unit in combination with one or several detectors is called Radiation Detectors Set. Radiation Detectors Set may also include accessoires: handle, telescopic extension tube, clamp, cables, bracket etc.

There are two Processing Units for PM1403:

Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor PM1403

  • Has built-in scintillation detector CsI(TI)

Operation modes:

  • Search and registration of γ-radiation sources
  • DER measurement of γ-radiation
  • Registration, accumulation of γ-radiation scintillation spectra
  • Programming of operation modes of the built-in detection unit
  • PC-communication

Display and Control Unit PM1403/PM1403-01

  • Has no built-in detector
  • Operation modes:

    • Display of information while working with external detection units
    • Programming of operation modes of external detection units
    • Identification of radionuclide material

    In addition, the device has five interchangeable external detection units that significantly extend its functionality:


    • Built-in highly sensitive CsI(Tl) spectroscopic detector for gamma radiation
    • Interchangeable external detection units for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation
    • Gamma radiation detection unit BDG1, with its highly sensitive NaI(TI) spectroscopic scintillation detector, searches for and identifies low activity or shielded radiation sources.
    • Accumulation, processing, storage and display of scintillation spectra
    • Fast and reliable radionuclide compound identification, even in the presence of shields, containers or other forms of physical protection of radiation sources that have a weakening and scattering effect
    • Wireless integration with radiation portal monitors РМ5000А allows to generate a unified report of the investigated radiation incident
    • Wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS modules
    • Simplicity and ease of use
    • Bright, color LCD makes for easy reading even in bright sunlight
    • Audible, vibration and visual alarms
    • USB and RS485 interfaces
    • Shockproof hermetic case (IP65)
    • Wireless integration into the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network (Polimaster NPNET™)


    Standards compliance

    Designed to meet ITRAP+10 (IAEA) requirements


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Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor: CsI(Tl) - built-in detector
BDG1: NaI(Tl)
Search γ-channel
Sensitivity for 137Сs, no less
BDOI: 100 s-1/(µSv/h) (1.0 s-1/(μR/h))

BDG1: 800 s-1/( µSv/h)

BDG3: 200 s-1/( μSv/h )
Sensitivity for 241Am, no less
BDOI: 300 s-1/( µSv/h) (3.0 s-1/( µR/h))
Energy range in Search Mode
BDOI: 0.05- 3.0 MeV

BDG1: 0.03- 3.0 MeV

BDG2: 0.03- 3.0 MeV

BDG3: 0.05- 3.0 MeV
Indication range  
DE measurement range from 0.01 to 9999 mSv
Accuracy of DER indication (at 137Сs) 
in the range of 0.1 – 20 µSv/h (10 – 2000 µR/h), 
no less
Gamma radiation scintillation spectra 
acquisition channels
The number of γ-radiation scintillation spectra 
saved in the instrument’s memory

Activity measurement sample
density range
Accuracy of 137Cs nuclide activity measurement x
Sensitivity to 137Cs in the activity measurement mode
137Cs activity measurement range 
when using Marinelli beaker
Search neutron channel
BDN: Slow neutron detector 3He
- for Pu-α-Be
- for thermal neutrons
- for Pu-α-Be (with neutron moderator)

0.65 impulses∙cm2 
4.5 impulses∙cm2
Neutron count rate measurement energy range
from thermal (0.025·10 -6 MeV) to 14.0 MeV
Indication range  
DER measurement range
(by Pu- α-Be source in collimated radiation)
from 1.0 to 5000 μSv/h
Measuring γ-channel 
Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor: CsI(Tl) - main detector
BDG2: Geiger-Muller counter
Dose equivalent rate measurement range
from 0,1 to 100 μSv/h 

from 0,1 to 100 μSv/h 

from 0.1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h (10 µR/h – 1000 R/h)

from 0,1 to 40 μSv/h
Dose equivalent rate measurement energy range 0.03 - 3.0 MeV
Measuring α and β-channel
BDAB: Proportional counter with a mica window
a-radiation flux density measurement range

1,0 – 5∙105 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to α- radiation (239Pu) no less than 3.0 impulses∙cm2
β- radiation flux measurement range
10 – 106 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to β- radiation (90Sr+90Y) no less than 2.0 impulses∙cm2
Energy range of the measured of β-radiation flux
0.15 - 3.5 MeV
РМ1403, not more: 
176х78х38 mm – with folded antennas;
215х78х38 mm – with antennas. 

Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor: 82х180х61 mm (main detector)
BDG1: 290х70 mm 
BDG2: 162х40 mm
BDN: 230х60 mm
BDAB: 72x45x130 mm
Display and Control Unit:155x85x38mm
Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor: 750 g (main detector)
BDG1:1400 g
BDG2: 110 g
BDG3: 160 g
BDN: 660 g
BDAB: 480 g
Display and Control Unit:450 g
Ingress protection code
IP65, BDAB: IP64
Drop test on concrete floor:
Communication USB, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth
-20°С to 50°С ( -4°F to 122°F)
Up to 95% at 35 °С
Battery type
2 built-in Lithium polymer accumulators
Battery lifetime
8 hours
with any of detectors BDG1, BDG2, BDN, BDAB
Power supply BDOI: 3.7 V
others - 3.6 V

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